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Tach-It Z-Cut 3 Automatic Carousel 1" Wide Tape Dispenser


A high productivity carousel dispenser, which automatically cuts and places a pre-determined length of tape on a rotating carousel for maximum singular or multiple operator efficiency.


The Tach-It Z-Cut 3 accepts tape widths from .125 to 1 inch (3 to 25 mm), and cuts lengths from .51 inch to 2.36 inch (13 to 60 mm).


Unique sensor allows for multiple modes of operation including automatic so when the last piece of tape is removed the platen is filled again or when the button in the middle of the platen is pressed the sensor will dictate how many cut pieces of tape are applied to the platen.


Easy to use side adjustments for the tape length and the tape width requires no tools.


The Z-Cut 3 allows up to 20 pieces of tape to be cut at the press of a button (number of cut pieces applied to the platen will be based on the width of the tape being used).


Accepts most tapes and is perfect for specialty packaging, wire harnessing, cell manufacturing, and assembly work.


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Can cut lengths of tape up to 2 3/8 inch long.

Machine: Length - 10 1/4 inch, Width - 5 inch, Height - 6 inch

Min Max on Tape length 5/8” Max 2 ¾”

Tape Width: Maximum - 1 inch, Minimum 1/8 inch

Maximum Tape Roll Diameter: 6 inch

Power: 110 volts  

Tach-It Z-Cut 3 Automatic Carousel 1 Wide Tape Dispenser

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