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Power Adhesives TEC 305-12 Professional (Light Industrial) 150 Watts 1/2″ Hot Melt Glue Gun (Standard high temp model)


The TEC 305-12 lightweight, professional glue gun offers unrivaled reliability, ease of use and exceptional adhesive melt rate for a glue gun of this size. High quality, self-regulating heaters control the glue gun temperature and is designed to provide years of trouble free service.


Suitable for schools, colleges and out-workers where a safe, reliable glue gun is essential.


Ideally suited to applications where small quantities of adhesive are required repetitively in product assembly, packaging, and general use.


Glue gun temperature: 380 degrees F (195 degrees C)


Dispenses up to 2 lbs. of glue sticks per hour.


Operating the TEC 305-12 gun is simplicity itself.


 Load it with the appropriate 1/2″ or 12mm diamater glue sticks, switch on and wait 3-5 minutes for the gun to reach full-operating temperature.


Apply the molten adhesive to one surface by simply pulling the trigger, then press the parts together for an instant bond. Its multi-functional detachable stand not only provides a steady base for the gun, but incorporates a wrench allowing replacement of the interchangeable nozzles.


The stand also houses the trigger stop adjustment screw for controlled flow of adhesive volume.

• The TEC 305 has an illuminated on/off switch
• It is fitted with a 12mm (1/2″) extension nozzle as standard
• Adjustable full-hand lever trigger for optimum comfort and metered shots
• The extended handle gives maximum comfort and improves ease of use


Comes with one year warranty


Demo video here


User manual here


Call 800-275-0828 for pricing on low temp model option

TEC 305-12 Professional Hot Melt Glue Gun (150 Watts)

SKU: 305-12-US0-T195-BR1-TEC
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