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Power Adhesives TEC 3400 Eco-Friendly “All-Electric” Hot Melt Industrial 400 Watt High

Output Glue Gun


Gun comes complete with detachable stand, plus 4 plug-in temperature modules lowmelt 130C (266F), 160C (320F), 195C (380F), 215C (420F)


Digital temperature micro controller: Featuring our new, patented Ecotec intelligent technology, the TEC 3400, in conjunction with our latest generation of easily removable plug-in modules, offers much greater precision, flexibility and control compared to our earlier analog controllers.


Higher output and longer tool life: The digital controller maintains the tool temperature and responds faster to demands. This reduces the effort required to dispense adhesive, making the tool easier to use, and also reducing tool wear. Operators can now work faster and longer, while the tools require less maintenance and have a greater service life.


Trigger boost: The tool detects when the trigger is pulled frequently, and then boosts power to the heater to respond to this increased demand. This ensures that the adhesive is applied at the optimum temperature.


Lower energy consumption: The TEC 3400’s micro-controller detects periods of non-use and progressively reduces the temperature of the tool until it is switched off after 2 hours. Simply pulling the trigger resets the tool, which quickly recovers to the set temperature.


This feature saves energy, improves tool reliability and is an important safety feature in the work place.


Self diagnostics: The new controller will also detect various fault conditions and indicate these with a rapidly flashing indicator. If this occurs the tool will shut down, preventing more serious damage, and ensuring safety is maintained in the workplace


For use with TECBOND 43mm cartridges

Watts Volts: 400 Watts, 120 Volts

Glue Stick Diameter: 1 3/4″ (43mm) Glue Slugs

Power Cord: 10 ft. (3m)

Melt Rate: up to 8.25 lbs/hr


Watch a demo video here

TEC 3400 Hot Melt Industrial 400 Watt All Electric Glue Gun

SKU: 3400-43-US1-T195-BX1-TEC
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