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Power Adhesives TEC 6300 Hot Melt Industrial Pneumatic “Spray” 500 Watt Glue Gun


The TEC 6300 is an unique, economic spray applicator that makes hotmelt applications affordable for everyone. Built to a very high standard, the TEC 6300 is a totally self-contained unit, requiring only compressed air (about 120 psi) and electricity to operate.


There are no expensive bulk tanks or fragile heated hoses to go wrong.


The TEC 6300 takes only 10 minutes to warm up from cold and is fast and safe to reload using 43mm TECBOND adhesive cartridges.


It is the highest output, hand-held industrial hotmelt spray glue gun available; capable of dispensing up to 10 lbs. of molten hotmelt per hour. It can be used on heat-sensitive substrates, such as expanded polystyrene and other plastic foams. A range of specially formulated spray formulations are available to suit most applications.


This system is totally solvent-free and non-toxic, so there are none of the environmental problems that are often associated with other spray adhesive glue guns.


One benefit of this pneumatic powered tool is user will have less hand fatigue from squeezing the trigger.


Melt Rate: up to 10 lbs/hr

8 bar (120psi) 14 l/min (0.5 cfm) air supply required.


Manual here

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TEC 6300 Hot Melt Industrial 500 Watt Pneumatic Spray Glue Gun

SKU: 6300-43-US1-T180-M20-BX1-TEC
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