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TEC 806-15 Hot Melt 250 Watt High Temperature 5/8" Industrial Glue Gun
The new Tec 806-15 is a low cost, high-output, all-electric, mid-range glue gun. It offers outstanding value and performance for a gun of this size. The Tec 806-15 dispenses 5/8" diameter glue sticks and can dispense 30% more molten glue from each trigger pull compared to similar sized 12mm glue guns. It holds nearly 60% more glue so you need to reload less often.
 Uses 15mm (5/8") diameter glue sticks 
Comfortable to use with full-hand trigger Illuminated ON-OFF switch
Narrow profile to aid visibility
Detachable stand with nozzle wrench
12mm (1/4") extension nozzle and rubber shroud
Economic design.
Fast heat-up time of only 3 minutes from cold.
High glue output of over 2 kilos (4.5 lbs) per hour.
Narrow profile aids visibility, allowing molten glue to be placed with high accuracy.
Runs on most voltages from 110V to 250V.
Adjustable full-hand lever trigger for optimum comfort.
Multi-functional detachable base stand which includes a nozzle wrench and stores the trigger-stop adjustment screw.
Weighs only 450g (1lb).
The Tec 806-15 is built to comply with worldwide industrial and electrical safety standards and covered by full one-year warranty
  User manual  here

TEC 806-15 Hot Melt 250 Watt 5/8 Industrial Glue Gun

SKU: 806-15-US0-T195-BR1-TEC
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