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TECBOND 213-15-300 Economical, General Purpose 5/8″ x 12″ Hot Melt Glue Sticks


TECBOND 213 is an economical general-purpose adhesive suitable for use on wood, ceramics and some plastics, such as rigid PVC and polystyrene. TECBOND 213 is medium in viscosity and can be used for porous surfaces, such as foams and fabrics.


Long open time, low cost general purpose glue


Suitable for hard and soft wood, ceramics, rigid PVC and polystyrene


Effective also on porous surfaces such as foam and fabric


Service temperature range from -15degC to 75degC

  • Suggested application temperature: 380degF
  • Brookfield viscosity (POW-12-VISC) spindle 27: 6000cps @ 350degF
  • Ring & ball softening point (ASTM E28): 195degF
  • Heat resistance (BS5350 Part H3): 165degF
  • Open time: Long
  • Low temperature flexibility (tg): 5degF


Approximately 99 sticks per case


11 lbs. per case; price is per case


Color is very pale amber


Recommended alternative to 3M 3747, Bostick 6390, Ad Tech 962, and Westix ST300

TECBOND 213-15-300 Economical, General Purpose 5/8" x 12" Hot Melt Sticks

SKU: 213-15-300-ARA-BX05-TEC
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