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TECBOND 242-12-300 Clear, High Performance 1/2" x 12" Hot Melt Glue Sticks
Tecbond 242 is a clear high performance, very high viscosity adhesive that will produce very tough bonds on a wide range of materials including wood, ceramics, fabrics, light gauge metals and most plastics and painted surfaces. A good problem solving, all round adhesive for bonding similar and dissimilar materials.
Tecbond 242 is the highest viscosity glue stick within the Tecbond range at 14,000 cps and has a medium open time, medium molten tack, making it suitable for gap filling and bonding of porous surfaces. Good heat resistance (75c) and good low temperature flexibility (-30c) making Tecbond 242 suitable for some deep freeze carton bonding/sealing applications.
11 lbs. per case (165 sticks); price is per case

TECBOND 242-12-300 Clear, High-Performance 1/2 x 12 Hot Melt Glue Sticks

SKU: 242-12-300-CRP-BX05-TEC
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