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TECBOND 260-43-043 High Performance 43mm (1.75") Hot Melt Glue Slugs
TECBOND 260 is a high performance, general-purpose adhesive with a long open time. Once set it forms a tough but flexible bond. This versatile adhesive works particularly well when bonding glass to light gauge metals and metals to ABS plastics. It is also suitable for bonding many plastics, ceramics, aluminum, fiberglass, some hardwoods, paper and board.
Has a long open time and gives a strong flexible bond between most substrates
Effective when bonding glass and ABS to light metal and on ceramics and glass fiber
Service temperature range from -12degC to 70degC
 22 lbs. per case; price is per case 
Recommended alternative to Loctite Hysol 4046 S10, 3M 3783, Bostick 6370, Ad Tech 271, and Westix ST213

TECBOND 260-43-043 High Perf. 43mm Hot Melt Glue Slugs

SKU: 260-43-043-ARA-BX10-TEC
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