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TECBOND 261-43-043 High Performance 43mm Hot Melt Glue Slugs
TECBOND 261 is a very high output and high performance adhesive that has been developed as a complement to our popular TECBOND 260.
The adhesive is suitable for a wide range of substrates including ceramic, wood and plastics. TECBOND 261 is adaptable and allows for a very long open time, making it ideal for any number of projects.
A very soft and flexible adhesive, it operates best in 43mm slug glue guns.
The synthetic polymer based hot melt has a medium molten tact and is reaches optimal performance at 380degF.
 22 lbs. per case; price is per case

TECBOND 261-43-043 High Perf. 43mm Hot Melt Glue Slugs

SKU: 261-43-043-ARA-BX10-TEC
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