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TECBOND 263-12-300 High Performance for Bonding Polypropylene 1/2" x 12" Hot Melt Glue Sticks
Tecbond 263 is a new high performance polypropylene-based hot melt adhesive.  Developed specifically for bonding polypropylene to itself, this unique hot melt provides excellent heat resistance and low temperature performance. 
Polypropylene is commonly used in industrial environments including the textile, automotive and packaging sectors, and within a wide range of consumer goods. Notoriously difficult to bond to itself, pre-treatment can be applied to polypropylene to reduce the problem but these can be costly and time-consuming.
Tecbond 263 requires no pre-treatment of the surfaces: simply apply the molten adhesive to one surface, press the parts together, and the bond is made almost instantly. We recommend the  Tec 820-12 glue gun  set at the highest operating temperature to deliver the adhesive at a consistent temperature to achieve the maximum bond strength.
Open time: Medium
Molten tack: High
Heat resistance: 105 C (221 F)
Low temperature flexibility: -20 C (-4 F)
Glue size: 12mm (½")
Color: Light brown
 165 glue sticks per case; price is per case (11 lbs.) 
  Download SDS here

TECBOND 263-12-300 High Perf. 1/2 x 12 Hot Melt Glue Sticks

SKU: 263-12-300-ARA-BX05-TEC
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