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TECBOND 7785 High Temperature Resistant Polyamide Hot Melt Adhesive 12mm x 250mm (1/2" x 10") Glue Sticks 
  Tecbond 7785  is a high temperature and chemical resistant multi-purpose adhesive.  Tecbond 7785  is a tough flexible polyamide based adhesive and provides very good chemical resistance.  
  This adhesive is suitable for product assembly, air and fuel filter manufacture, woodworking, textiles and packaging application that requires both chemical and temperature resistance. 
   Price is per case of 11 lbs. (approximately 200 glue sticks)   
Suggested application temperature is 380-420 degrees F
Brookfield viscosity (POW-12-VISC) is 5500cps @ 350 degrees F
Ring & ball softening point (ASTM E28) is 310 degrees F
Heat resistance (BS5350 Part H3)  is  275 degrees F

TECBOND 7785 12mm x 250mm Polyamide Hot Melt Glue Sticks

SKU: 7785-12-250
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