Partite Methacrylate Structural Adhesives

Partite Methacrylate Structural Adhesives

What is a MMA (methyl methacrylate)?

It is a two-component structural bonding adhesive for adhering metals, plastics, and composites. They are typically formulated in 1:1 or 10:1 ratios. The adhesive is most commonly dispensed by handheld manual, pneumatic, or rechargeable battery guns through a static mixing nozzle. Other methods are automatic or semi-automatic meter-mix-dispensing solutions.

What materials can be bonded with methacrylate?

  • Metal surfaces – aluminum, stainless steel, plated steel, galvanized metal, cold rolled steel, and magnets
  • Plastics and composites – plexiglass, carbon fiber, PVC, fiberglass, PBT, PPO, ABS, HDPE, LDPE, Teflon, polypropylene, FRT, polyurethane, RIM, polyesters, acrylics, and styrene
  • Other materials – solid surface, granite, marble, engineered stone, quartz, wood, epoxy, gelcoats, and nylon

What are some advantages vs. using epoxy?

  • No surface cleaning required
  • Increased “green” strength during initial cure
  • Multiple packaged sizes (50ml, 200ml, 380ml, 400ml, 490ml, and 18 kg)
  • Broad range of working/fixturing time options
  • Great flexibility during shock, thermal expansion, and contraction
  • Better gap fill
  • Better peel strength and less prone to cracking
  • Larger variety of substrates can be bonded with the same product
  • Better resistance to chemicals or environment
  • Cures at room temperature; no heat necessary to create bond

Are any of these adhesives UL certified or UV stable?

Yes. Several Partite formulations are UL certified and/or UV stable!

How do I purchase these products?

Call us at 800-275-0828 to discuss your application and receive a prompt no obligation quote.

Quadrack Hot Melt Glue Sticks

For years, 3M has required purchasing their Quadrack “ridged” 5/8 inch diameter x 8 inches long hot melt glue sticks when using the Polygun TC or EC applicators. Thanks to the folks at Surebonder, we now offer significantly lower priced offset sticks that work perfectly in the aforementioned glue guns. These sticks are made in the USA and can be used for a large variety of applications!


  • Low temperature for heat sensitive materials
  • Light tan color
  • 5 second fast set bond
  • Great for foam, POP displays, and fabrics
  • Offset to 3M 3762LMQ sticks


  • High temperature
  • Tan color
  • 15 second hot tack bond
  • Great for woodworking and carton sealing
  • Offset to 3M 3762Q sticks


  • Multi-purpose for high or low temperature use
  • Clear color
  • 60 second bond
  • Great for paper, wood, cardboard, electrical potting, carpet set seams, floral, and crafts
  • Offset to 3M 3792Q sticks

How do I purchase these products?

Call us at 800-275-0828 to discuss your application and receive a prompt no obligation quote.

Hot Melt Spray Applications

Spray grade hot melt adhesives are perfect for temperature-sensitive materials, such as plastic foams and films. Spraying allows for a wider area of adhesion, for improved bond strength on weaker substrates when compared with bead dispensing. These systems are solvent-free and non-toxic, so there are none of the environmental problems often associated with spray guns. We proudly distribute the market leader Power Adhesives for these products!

Dispensing Options

Hot Melt Options

Other Advantages

  • Narrow, medium, and wide nozzle options available
  • Optional workstation with mount, foot control, and timer
  • Hot melt has indefinite shelf life with no special shipping or storage requirements
  • No adhesive waste; any unused hot melt will re-melt the next time

How do I purchase these products?

Call us at 800-275-0828 to discuss your application and receive a prompt no obligation quote.

Datco Hot Melt Roll Coater Options

Datco Hot Melt Roll Coater Options

Hot melt roll coaters are used for applying hot melt adhesive to leather, plastics, paper, board, foam, and many other materials. Since 1995 Datco, Inc. has offered quality coating equipment to fit a variety of budgets and applications. These industrial machines are all built by hand in Kingston Springs, TN. All Datco roll coaters are designed for years of maintenance free use. Just plug it in, set the temperature, and turn it on! When it is up to temperature, the motor is enabled, and you are ready to start!

Basic Hot Roll Series

  • Available in 6” and 12” widths
  • Analog temperature controls
  • Single speed (30 RPM) motor


Hot Roll Series

  • Available in 6”, 12”, and 18” widths
  • Digital temperature controls
  • Variable adjustable speed motor
  • (Optional) Hold down roll and pick bar/picks
  • (Optional) Cart and table mounted models

Big Roll Series

  • Available in 6”, 12”, and 18” widths
  • 4.5” diameter applicator roller
  • Larger glue reservoir for increased production
  • (Optional) Magnetic hold down system
  • (Optional) Cart and table mounted models

How do I purchase these machines?

Call us at 800-275-0828 to discuss your application and receive a prompt no obligation quote.

Adhesives for Bonding Polypropylene

Adhesives for Bonding Polypropylene

Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer commonly used in manufacturing. It is a durable and chemically resistant material with the benefit of also being highly sustainable. However…bonding polypropylene to itself or other materials is not an easy task! Below are some recommended options:

Hot Melt Options

  • TECBOND 263 for bonding polypropylene to polypropylene
  • TECBOND 267 for bonding polypropylene to other plastics

Methacrylate (MMA) Options

  • Partite 7400 for structural bonding of polypropylene to various materials with NO SURFACE TREATMENT!

Cyanoacrylate (Superglue) Options

  • Parfix 3414 for instant bonding of polypropylene to plastics or metals

How do I purchase these products?

Call us at 800-275-0828 to discuss your application and receive a prompt no obligation quote.

Sonlok 3243 Threadlocker Adhesive

Sonlok 3243 Threadlocker Adhesive

Sonlok 3243 is a BLUE fast curing, medium strength anaerobic thread locking compound for bonding and sealing threads, and retaining of cylindrical parts. This adhesive is highly resistance to heat, vibrations, water, gases, oils, hydrocarbons and many chemicals.


  • Ideal for less active material such as stainless steel, and plated parts.
    Recommended for fasteners between 1/4” and 3/4” (6 to 20 mm) diameters.
  • Locks and seals threaded joints-nuts, screws, and studs with improved oil resistance.
  • Part disassembly possible with hand tools.
  • Color coded BLUE
  • Excellent alternative to ASI Torque 43 TL, Loctite 243, Vibra Tite 121, Hernon Nuts N Bolts 434, 3M Scotch-Weld TL42/TL43, and Pacer ANL-42
  • Meets MIL-SPEC MIL-S-46163 Type II Grade N and MIL-S-22473E Letter Grade CVV; WRAS certified
  • Available in 10ml, 50ml, 250ml, 1 liter, and 10 liter carboy

Common applications:

  • Rocker studs and adjustment bolts
  • Bolts on valve and cam covers
  • Oil pans
  • Disc brake calipers

How do I purchase this product?

Call us at 800-275-0828 to further discuss your application or purchase online.

Hot Melt Electrical Potting and Encapsulation

Hot melt adhesives are an excellent alternative to epoxies for electrical connector potting. This method of securing connections prevents disconnect in shipping or in the field. The process is common in electronics, automotive and aerospace manufacturing. We offer a variety of hot melt adhesive and dispensing options to meet all production demands.

Hot Melt Options

Dispensing Options

Advantages of Hot Melt over Epoxy

  • Instant set up (less than 1 minute) with no heat or drying rack requirements
  • Longer shelf life storage
  • Tack free finish with no residue
  • No need for inefficient mixing nozzles

How do I purchase these products?

Call us at 800-275-0828 to discuss your application and receive a prompt no obligation quote.

Surebonder 753 Bulk Hot Melt Applicator

This low cost industrial hot melt dispensing applicator is perfect for semi-automatic applications. The user places the product under the nozzle and presses a footswitch. A time delay relay switch dispenses the same amount of adhesive each time. This machine is best suited for piece work such as applying a small dab of glue on mailings or product assembly work which requires exact repeatability.


  • Triples production over handguns
  • Much more ergonomic than handguns
  • Requires far less maintenance than handguns
  • Many bulk adhesive options


  • Adjustable Temperature : 200deg F to 500deg F (93deg C to 260deg C)
  • Watts, Volts : 800 Watts, 120 Volts
  • Air Supply : 40 to 70 PSI (compressor not included)
  • Adhesive Shape : Slats, Chips, Pellets, Bricks
  • Throat Depth : 6-1/2″
  • Dimensions : 18-1/4″ High, 10-1/4″ Wide, 8-3/8″ Length
  • Tank Capacity : 2 Pounds
  • Viscosity Maximum : 20,000 CPS
  • Nozzles Orifices Included : .040″, .080″, .125″
  • Melt Rate : 5.5 lbs per hour
  • Flow Control : yes
  • Warm Up time : Approximately 20 minutes

How do I purchase this machine?

Call us at 800-275-0828 to discuss your application and receive a prompt no obligation quote.

Protecting your Investment

Whether it is a $8 bottle of super glue or $75,000 labeling system, we recommend reading the below suggestions for extending the life of your product or asset!

Surge Protector

No matter where you work, bad weather, “brownouts” or power surges are inevitable.  Most consider a power strip sufficient, but in reality ALL equipment should be plugged into a surge protector.  This protects the main electrical components which are typically expensive to replace.

Adhesives or Labels

For temperature and moisture sensitive products consider the following:

  • Store unopened super glue bottles in a in freezer.  By slowing down the molecules, this will significantly increase shelf life.
  • Keep unopened MMA’s (methacrylates) cartridges in a refrigerator.  This will help extend their short shelf life.
  • Keep blank polypropylene and polyester label rolls in an office temperature controlled environment.  This will eliminate possible adhesive oozing that can release the labels from the liner.

Clean Air for Pneumatic Equipment

Water in air lines is unfortunately also very common!  It can easily be removed by using an aftermarket air purification or inline water separator system.

Maintenance or Repair

Priddy Sales offers several options for preventative maintenance or repair.  These services can be provided onsite or at our facility.  Call 800-275-0828 to discuss the best option with one of our trained technicians!

Surebonder 735 A very popular product

What is Surebonder 735?

This high temperature amber colored high-strength hot melt is available in a variety of stick sizes and bulk chips.  It is commonly used for bonding metal, plastics, ceramics, coated cardboard, paper, non-porous materials, wood, solid surfaces, or Corian.

Product Specifications

  • High temperature application temperature range is 325F to 380F.
  • High strength bond exhibiting good shock resistance in low and ambient temperatures.
  • Indefinite shelf life
  • Made in the USA

  • Working “open” time of 25 seconds.
  • Meets FDA food packaging approval 21CFR175.105

How do I purchase it?

This product can be purchased online or by calling us at 800-275-0828.